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Invite individuals to join Tata Aia Insurance and Mediclaim packages or Invite businesses and individuals to PlexaCorp, PlexaLink, Verific or other services and get assured commissions per successful referral.

You become an official Tata AIA Life Advisor and Plexa Refer Officer (PRO) with only ₹999 INR, valid for a lifetime, including all training fees. You can do it as a part-time or full-time job too, no restrictions here.

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You will be paid ₹500 (+additional commissions if applicable) for each successful referral to Bluemance Products & Services. No strings attached!

*For Tata AIA commissions details, contact us at +91 9831333354.

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What will you get?

1 Advantage Club Membership, 2 Job Offers

Tata AIA Life Insurance - Life Advisor

Flexibility: As an agent, you can choose your working hours and work from home or any other location.

Earning potential: You can earn a good commission on the sale of insurance policies, which can increase as you gain more experience and build a strong customer base.

Professional development: Tata AIA Life Insurance provides ongoing training and support to its agents to help them improve their knowledge and skills.

Commissions are quite high, but we won’t be able to disclose them publicly (as per Tata Policy). If you want to know more, please WhatsApp or call us at +91 9831333354.

Bluemance IT Services - Plexa Refer Officer (PRO)

2 Successful Referral for Plexa.Link = ₹10,000 (as 1 Successful Referral = ₹5000)

20 Successful Referral for = ₹10,000 (as 1 Successful Referral = ₹500)

20 Successful Referral for = ₹6,000 (as 1 Successful Referral = ₹300)

No Referral Upper/Lower Limit, earn unlimited as you refer more.

Earn easily ₹26,000/month (assuming referring only 2 PlexaLink, 20 PlexaCorp and 20 Verific clients)!

Become an Advantage Club Member, and your life is set!

You wake up every day with the freedom to set your working hours, whether it’s from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose. Your earnings steadily climb as you gain experience and build a loyal customer base.

You’re not just a life advisor or Plexa Refer Officer; you’re a trusted financial partner helping people secure their futures or helping businesses and individuals with their IT needs.

Why Choose Us

No restrictions, you work as per your time!

PlexaAdvantage Club Membership Comes with Many Benefits

PlexaAdvantage membership can change your life.


What Our Advantage Club Members Say

Joining Plexa Advantage for ₹999 INR was the best investment I ever made. Now, I'm not only financially secure but also an official Tata AIA Life Advisor and Plexa Refer Officer (PRO). It's a game-changer!
Ankit Patel
Hyderabad, India
As a stay-at-home mom, Plexa Advantage gave me a chance to earn extra income. The flexibility is amazing, and the commissions keep coming in. It's a win-win!
Seema Chauhan
Pune, India
I'm a full-time PRO with Plexa Advantage. The ₹999 INR lifetime membership is a steal. I'm securing futures with Tata AIA and referring businesses, all while enjoying financial freedom.
Riya Roy
West Bengal, India
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